Guys, you have no business having a bum!

I know this may sound trivial, vain, mundane, or shallow and going through this, you may be forced to ask “What business of yours is it?” , but I just have to let it out, silly as it may sound-a guy has no business having a bum! A bum, buttocks, booty, nyash, ass, backside, ikebe,…


I wouldn’t call myself a football fan, well, I think the word “fan” is taking it a bit too far, prior to yesterday, I had never watched a football match from start to finish-in all my 20-something years on earth. So, I really don’t know what got into me on Friday, my colleague came to…

Saved For A Reason

I don’t cry often, but this got me really emotional. I just watched a clip from the 2017 American Idols featuring a Nigerian lady, Kechi Okwuchi. Kechi is a survivor of a plane crash that claimed the lives of 108 out of 110 passengers back in 2005. That period was one of the darkest periods…


The science and art of fusing minds
Of locking lips in subtle wits
Erecting words, arousing thoughts
Entwining views in puzzling scripts