Man- A Higher Animal Or What?


Man was created after all the animals. We were placed higher than every other animal, placed in charge of them and given power over them. In demonstration of our higher level of intelligence, we were given the onerous responsibiliy of naming the animals-that’s because we have fully developed and complex minds. We are imbued with willpower, senses, knowledge, wisdom, ability to discern right from wrong, white from black, peace from war, pleasure from pain, life from death, and so on.

As humans, we know not to eat where we poop, not to sleep where we bath, -we even know to have our baths. We take it a step further by always striving to grow and improve our minds through education, reading books and learning continously, yet when it comes to one aspect of our lives, we equate ourselves to the lower animals-SEX!

The decision to have sex is what it is-a decision. We plan for sex, just like everything else. Animals have sex in the streets, parks, markets, any open space at all, but we do not ( well, except our senses are eroded by certain substances).

Let’s say you have a sexual urge, you don’t just get hold of the next availlable person and hurriedly ease your urge, you plan, calculate, even scheme where necessary-that is becaue of our higher intelligence.

So you see, I do not believe it when people say they have no control over their sexual urges, when they claim that the urge just comes and they have to hurriedly release it. That is bullshit, arrant nonsense. We all have control, willpower, higher intelligence. We are not equal to animals, we can control our urges, ourselves.

I came across a story of a married father of six who was caught having sex with a goat! His excuse? His pregnant wife starved him of sex! A man that has six children and a pregnant wife claims to be sex-starved. It is just baffling why a human would choose to assault an animal just to release his sexual urge.

I often hear of men sleeping with goats, cows, sheep, monkies, etc. Women sleeping with dogs, monkies and what have you. How did we, as humans, descend to this level of utter decadence and total lack of self control?

How did we slide down the ladder of higher intelligence so much to be equated with lower animals?


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