This is my feminism!


I came across a post on Facebook where a guy waged a lone war on what he termed “all these useless feminists” . I thought of just ignoring him, but then I realized that I owe humanity the duty of educating him. Below was my response to his obviously pained post:

Feminism is a concept that has been misconstrued by a lot of people.

It’s not about warring with men, it’s not about calling them “dogs”, neither is it about advocating for lesbianism. It’s making the world understand that a girl -child is the same as a boy, that the birth of a daughter should bring as much joy as that of a son, that a girl should be allowed to aspire to whatever level she wants in life, that a daughter should not be forced into marriage while still a child,.

A girl -child should not be coerced by society into believing that marriage is the ultimate achievement while a boy would be pushed towards succeeding in other ventures.

Telling a girl-child to strive for independence isn’t telling her to be a lesbian, it isn’t telling her to hate men or look down on them, it’s telling her to strive towards self-actualization.

A successful young lady should not be made to believe that her success will intimidate and scare away men, she should be encouraged by society.

Feminism is telling your daughter that she has the mental and intellectual capacity to achieve as much as, or even more than your son, not making her feel inferior by virtue of her gender.

I can boldly say that I’m a feminist, a lawyer, a daughter, and most importantly, I’m in a relationship with a man, one I respect deeply.
This is my FEMINISM!


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