Birth Your Style, Express Yourself!

I find fashion, style and dressing generally as a means of self expression. On certain days I feel really giddy with happiness, excitement and utter unexplainable joy-so I dress to express that inner feeling, put on some extra makeup, wear body-flattering dresses, put my curves on full display( Yeah, I do that). Other times, I wake up on the other side of the bed, feeling gloomy, sad and depressed, so I just throw on anything I lay my hands on, not caring how it looks on the body and just jet out of the house without taking a second glance in the mirror.

Ultimately, Fashion is about comfort-wearing what I feel totally comfortable in. However, style and fashion are relative terms. What Ms. A finds fashionable may be appalling to Ms. B. A dress which I think is a show-stopper may be a total turn off for you, however, I feel we should all be free to express ourselves through our dressing. No one should be made to feel less than human because he/she decides to dress a certain way.

I attended a religious function which was pretty interesting. While the programme was almost being wound up, two young ladies walked in, capturing everyone’s attention for some seconds. One of them wore a short black dress, had her hair in a ponytail and finished off the look with a 6-inch heel. The other lady wore a short black jumpsuit, a black wedged heel, and a long straight weave. People watched as the two girls took their seat at a table close to the podium.

They had barely settled in when a man and a woman seated on the table next to the girls started laughing-loudly. They kept laughing and stealing glances at the girls, shaking their heads and making some demeaning comments.

I found it totally irritating and absurd-in a religious gathering-someone goes out of his way to make another person feel bad? Judging someone else is bad enough but doing that so openly as to make that person feel hurt, dejected or depressed is the height of insensitivity.

I dress the way I want to, I wear what I feel comfortable in, I rock the shoes that I feel match my outfit, I braid the sort of hair I like, I fix weaves that fall to my waist-all because I feel comfortable doing them. No one has the right to make me feel less than human for making my own fashion choices. No one has the right to judge you for what you choose to wear.

It’s your body baby, birth your style, express yourself!

Happy new week beautiful people!


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