Guys, you have no business having a bum!

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Actor Bradley Cooper

I know this may sound trivial, vain, mundane, or shallow and going through this, you may be forced to ask “What business of yours is it?” , but I just have to let it out, silly as it may sound-a guy has no business having a bum!

A bum, buttocks, booty, nyash, ass, backside, ikebe, however you may choose to call it-should not form part of a man’s anatomical features. We all know that a bum on a woman is a sight to behold, it adds grace to the entire feminine outlook of a lady, bringing out the beauty in dresses and making them fit better and look sexier on the frame-and should be one of the exclusive compensations that accompanies the heavy responsibilty of being a woman.

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Google image

But really, as a man, what do you need an ass for? Well, maybe a little patch of flesh to prevent frictions between the bones and surfaces of chairs would be enough, but never more than that-just a slight lump of firm flesh.

I feel highly irritated and intensely annoyed whenever I see a guy with jiggly buttocks. Why in God’s name should your buttocks jiggle while you walk? What are you even doing with that buttocks in the first place? A man’s butt is meant to be firm, muscular, athletic, not jiggly.

Guys, you have no business having a bum! It is not for you! It was not designed for you! God created women a certain way for certain reasons and our entire amazing package comes with this extra mound of flesh -which you have no business having.

I’m ranting, I know, but I’ll just sign off on this note-if you are a guy with a noticeable backside, you owe all women an apology-that ass was stolen from us!


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