Still, She Takes The Blame!

She was torn, beaten, her vulnerability laid bare to the world. Her dignity was ripped to shreds, her honour lost, her passion desecrated-and yet it was her fault. How could she wear such a skimpy dress? What decent woman dresses in such an outrageous manner? She surely sought the attention, she definitely got what she…

For humanity’s sake!

We all need each other’s hand to walk through it all. Put a smile on someone’s face, anyway you can. Lend a helping hand, any time you can. Help that orphaned child, a meal may be all he needs. Call that hurting friend, your voice could change a lot. A text message may be all it takes to stop that colleague from going off the edge. A kind smile may just warm a freezing heart.

Relax, they’ll come to you

So  relax. Save yourself the stress, purge your mind of unnecessary anxiety. Work hard but don’t obsess over those things you feel are really important. You may not deserve them, but they’ll come to you. I don’t call it luck, I call it favour.

Know when to walk away

I often hear that love and hate are two sides of the same coin, but it is still totally baffling how love sometimes deteriorates into utter hate. How does one get to the point of totally despising someone he or she could once not live without? How do lovers end up not being able to…